We bring compelling stories to life. From brand films to shows to immersive experiences, we create powerful narratives that bring art, design & culture together.

Our world is made up of stories

Stories that we tell ourselves, stories that we tell each other. From printed books to Facebook, we use stories to communicate meaning, emotion and values.

Whether it informs an audience about a brand, or a performance that holds everyone captive, our stories exist in numerous forms and create our experiences.

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We create these stories at the confluence of art, culture and business.

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In Good Company

Our experience across sectors, industries and scale gives us a perspective that enables knowledge sharing across domains.


Samved Festival Openers

Pt. Durgalal festival and Raindrops are unique festivals of Classical Indian Dance by Samved and Uma Dogra



Logo reveal for the Community that started as a movement to give artisans, craftsmen, handicraft business owners and other stakeholders a helping hand in the time of Covid-19


Bhaag Beanie Bhaag

Title design & Show Packaging for Pretty Fit - a YouTube original - a fun take on fitness by Prajakta Kohli of Mostly Sane


Raaz Riyaz Ka

Raaz Riyaaz Ka is a unique series which gives a sneak peek into the daily Practice of stalwarts in Classical Indian Dance.

The Greatest of Migration for our species

The digital world is now a real place for human interactions, livelihood, maybe even relationships. This is about the exodus and forced migration to this virtual world.

We are all made of Stories : Notes from hearing Guillermo Del Toro and how it realigned, rebooted and rearranged my process

The Story of Bharat : From Craft to Luxury. It is the core beliefs and essence that draws people together. A short overview of the process extracting the essence of a 100 year old brand and presenting it in a short film.

art of the title Upasana Switch

Article in Art of the Title: This is an overview of Title design from India then upto the point when India was represented in SXSW, Austin for the first time for it. Written in 2010

We work with ambitious brands, businesses and organisations to create powerful stories