Project Description

Utsav : DEBUT Short Film

This film was a labour of love, hand drawn and painted.

Student film that travelled to multiple festivals and continues to randomly pop up every now and then.

Drawn on paper over the light box and then Painted with acrylic colours on cel.The multiple exposure shot was an experiment with Deepak Bhai. It was shot under the Oxberry.


  • Kiskasas, Budapest 2001.
  • Etuida Zagreb 2002 student competition
  • Films from the South 2002 at Oslo, Norway
  • Interfilm Berlin 2002, Germany
  • Bradford Animation Festival 2002, United Kingdom
  • The Tehran International Animation festival 2003, Iran
  • Annecy 2003, France
  • MIAF 2003, Melbourne
  • SIAF 2003, Sydney, Australia
  • Newzealand animation festival 2003
  • Anima Mundi 2003, Brazil
  • Mediaschool,Poland