Project Description

Ritumālya : classical indian dance and new media jam in KGAF

Ritumalya a uniquely designed Jugalbandi. A performance of the traditional with New Media. Three different Classical Indian dance forms jam with large scale Stage Visuals in KGAF

This was a unique performance where the three classical dance forms were blended with a brand new context of large scale projections. This acts as a preliminary test to future and more ambitious explorations.

Our understanding of the nuances of classical art forms added a new dimension to the performance. The aim of creating performance visuals is to support and enhance a traditional solo choreography rather than take over the stage. It is a very different approach of creation from the Electronic Music scene while definitely learning from it.

case study coming soon


Choreography & Performed by
Prachi Sathe (Bharatanatyam), Saji Menon (Mohiniattam) and Namrata Mehta (Odissi)

Stage Visuals Designed by
Upasana, Switch!