Project Description

Pretty Fit: Show Packaging 

Pretty Fit is a show on the Youtube channel MostlySane which has more than 5 Million Users!

In this show Youtuber Prajakta Kohli puts her urban, sophisticated celebrity guests through a series of fun, rustic fitness challenges such as doing laundry by hand or milking cows. All along, discussing issues regarding body image, beauty and self worth.

The show is shot in multiple locations with diverse setups that ranged from a city to a highway, interiors of a gym to a sugarcane field. The packaging needed to hold them all together into one visual aesthetic and also bring in the young cheeky and vibrant vibe.

We approached the show with the lightheartedness that is signature to Prajakta. She is not the traditional girly girl – but is tongue and cheek and very fresh.
The titles worked so well that we did the key-art too! 
The first episode Premiered on Jan 21, 2020 and crossed 1,823,565 views in 2 days !

Case Study coming soon


Produced by : Sol Productions

Show Packaging & In Show Motion Design Produced by
Switch Studio
Design Director : Upasana Nattoji Roy
Motion graphics : Vinay Goenka

A Youtube Original Series