Project Description

Perfect Amalgamation : Performance Visuals

Perfect Amalgamation is a show that brings together more than a dozen stalwarts in the field of Indian fusion Bollywood music. 

A unique live show that was precisely planned and beautifully executed with super synchronicity across all departments.  

Each piece within the performance had a different nuance and focus. Our visuals brought alive the emotion and created another dimension in the overall experience.

The visuals for this show received standing ovations multiple times over. It is a project that has massive impact as an experience and can travel modularly to various venues and countries.

Case Study coming soon

We visualised, designed and produced the visuals for the show of 1hr 15min.

Mystical Sitar

A piece where the Sitar is the hero.  The Musician to lead this piece is none other than Sitarist Ravi Chary with exquisitely crafted time signatures that sets the stage for a memorable experience.

Notes from the Director :

The sound of the sitar evokes Shringara rasa. But not the Shringara of the human form but one of cosmic reverberance. It is the cue to a cosmic dance that pervades through time and space. The visuals for this stems from that spiritual visualisation that transcends the earth and spans the entire cosmos

The Ensemble

This was a jam of the percussions but without the percussions themselves.

The ultimate Padhant between Siddharth KasyapGautam SharmaChiranjit Sinha and Girish Vishwa 

Notes from the Director :

Padhant has been integral to the Kathak practice and Training. It has been my long cherished dream to see massive devnagairi type on large scale projections. This piece gave me the excuse to explore that.

The aim is to further this area of work of juxtaposing language, performance and typography or lettering specific to that region.