Project Description

Myra : Short film 2001

The Student me thought this :
It is great to Dream but do you really want that dream to come true? Dream a lil deeper my friend

Being in the spotlight isn’t always easy. The judgements, the control the layers that lead to stardom has unknown levels of pressure. Beyond that if you emerge from from this ‘dream’ you’d probably not even recognise yourself anymore.

This is my First Mixed Media Digital Short Film made way back in 2001.

Our lovely actor was shot painfully frame by frame and then cleaned up painfully frame by frame. Her eyes, mouth clothes and actions were altered.

And all this was done on an incredibly fast 256 MB RAM rented PC which was balanced precariously on a metal truck while i sat on the floor. Fun times !!!!

Hamburg short film festival 2002, Bitfilm
Films from the South 2002 at Oslo, Norway
Bradford Animation Festival 2002, UK
VideoMejeda 2003, Yugoslavia,
Shorts! 2003, Amsterdam
Anima Mundi 2003, Brazil
Mediaschool, Poland

Credits :

First Film done on After Effects

Student Director, animator, clean up artist, makeup artist, slave: Upasana
Actor : Hema Nazareth
Voice Actor : Ayaz Basrai
Music : Saurav Roy

Disclaimer : No Hemas were hurt in the making of this film