Project Description

Mutant Films : Production Logo

Mutant Films and Switch, though very different in the work we do, we share a common passion – about the stories we choose to tell and the importance of good storytelling.

It is most important to tell that story, simply and yet impactfully, while leaving enough for the mind to fill in and the heart to be touched.

This is an abstract, styled, logo animation to create a signature that will appear before every film they produce.
It is an invigorating challenge to communicate what people stand for, in just a few seconds, as simply as we possibly can, while keeping it open to interpretations and making an impression.

Mutant Films is an independent production company based in Mumbai, India founded  in 2016 by Seher Aly Latif Shivani Saran.

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Credits :
Client : Shivani Saran & Seher Aly Latif, Mutant
Concept & Animation : Upasana, Switch
Sound Design : Baylon Fonseca