Project Description

Leila: Title Design for Netflix

Leila is a Netflix original series based on the book by Prayaag Akbar and produced by Open Air Films. 

The titles of this show appear in no fixed format across the series and is sandwiched between two shots of varying visual depth and heightened emotions. We had to design a title sequence that could act as a pause in action or heighten the drama.

We proposed that the titles to force a break in a feeling. Whether heightened or just transitioning, the titles help you catch your breath and find your reality in the dystopian world that is shown in the series. 

Case Study coming soon

This was one of the initial concepts for the titles that was presented and was a direction that we loved though it didn’t make the cut.

What would you feel if you lost your child in a second and had no clue where to start…You would be crushed. The sky would be falling. Your world imploding into you. That is the feeling which we wanted to work with in this direction.

I imagined the actual objects within the falling rubble. Objects from a world wiped out.
Idea of a wall that ought to be brought down – of a mother looking for her daughter in the debris of what remains – with nothing but hope.

This was the concept that was approved though didn’t reach the stage of completion since the brief changed.

This concept was rooted in the idea of being lost between the walls – the Limbo – where the protagonist and her daughter are lost. The undefined space between the haves and the have nots. 

Imagine a claustrophobic space and the discovery of the child leading to catharsis.
This space is visualised to be splattered with propaganda and is the dump yard of objects from the world within the walls.

Additional Credits for this exploration :
3D Tests and compositing support : Unni Krishnan


Title Design Concept, Design, Production
Switch Studio
Title Design Director : Upasana Nattoji Roy
Produced by : Open Air Films
Distributed by : Netflix

Created by : Urmi Juvekar
The Episodes have been written and directed by multiple stalwarts.
Written by : Urmi Juvekar, Suhani Kanwar, Patrick Graham

Directed by : Deepa Mehta, Shanker Raman, Pawan Kumar