Project Description

Cricket Diaries: Show Packaging 

Cricket Diaries is a show brought to you by Viu and Youtube Originals. The host is an enthusiastic cricket lover just like all of us! It is a fresh take on cricket through untold stories behind iconic Indian victories from the men of the match themselves. The legends relive the memories of bonding, passion, pressure, fun, glory and a little bit of wickedness. 

The show could not use any images or footage from the actual matches – this challenge opened up the possibilities of doing something special and led to the unique approach.

The approach literally opened up the Cricket Diaries to sketchy drawings and note-taking as the visual language to introduce the importance and relevance of each match under discussion. The titles and opening sequence were highly appreciated by the viewers, production house and the client – and was delivered in record time and we had fun creating them.

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Behind the scenes

Show Packaging

In Show Motion Design


Produced by : Sol Productions

Motion Design Produced by
Switch Studio
Design Director : Upasana Nattoji Roy
Motion Graphics : Vinay Goenka

A Youtube Original Series