will machines replace humans in creative processes like music?

Human and Machine Play Bach together

Unusual collaborators in unusual times creating unexpected outcomes.

migration, identity, virtual world, real world, our place in the world

The Greatest of Migration for our species

The digital world is now a real place for human interactions, livelihood, maybe even relationships. This is about the exodus and forced migration to this virtual world.

The fine balance between Lifestyle and Livelihood
Common sense for thriving as a species in the New Normal by a non academic commoner.

A case study for a Brand Film, the process, concept and production

The Story of Bharat : From Craft to Luxury. It is the core beliefs and essence that draws people together. A short overview of the process extracting the essence of a 100 year old brand and presenting it in a short film.

watch the film here

We are all made of Stories : Notes from hearing Guillermo Del Toro and how it realigned, reminded and rearranged my process

Set Up a Home Office : Our agility helped us transition to a Work-From-Home setup 10 days before the lockdown was enforced in our city. This article has some pointers on how to set it up with just a little.

art of the title Upasana Switch

Article in Art of the Title: This is an overview of Title design from India then upto the point when India was represented in SXSW, Austin for the first time for it. Written in 2010

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