Switch is a design and animation studio operating at the intersection of art, tech & culture.

Good storytelling and Visual Communication is a catalyst for change.

We partner with brands, organisations and people to create captivating stories and deliver creative impact.

Our approach is experimental and we design for all mediums including TV, mobile, streaming, digital platforms and physical spaces.

As a studio based out of India, our design and approach is informed by the multiplicity of our culture and our environment.

We work with a network of specialists and collaborators to deliver high quality projects within specified timeframes. 

Culture & Content

Culture is the multitude stories that create the fabric of a society. The way we see the world is shaped by the stories we have imbibed and those that we tell ourselves.  Our interpretations build the multiplicity of perspectives and in turn builds a vibrant culture. We believe that it’s through stories that we can trigger change and impact futures.

Broadcast & Titles

With the rise of OTT and breakdown of the screen, popular culture today is shaped by a dramatic rise in variety and amount of content. We work with production houses and studios to create an integrated design for shows – from title design to packaging.

Business & Brands

Branding involves the process of creation of an organizational myth and brand stories help in creating a powerful emotional connect with the brands purpose beyond mission & vision statements. We work with innovative brands to create stories that help their employees and audience connect with them.


We work with performers & artists to create performance visuals to create memorable experiences. These performance visuals are custom created to be in sync with the narrative of the performance as well as the stage design & lighting.



An alumni of the National Institute of Design, also known as Oona, is a visual artist and director. She loves working on projects dealing with identity and culture and the interaction with technology and new media. She brings in experience of over a decade in television in India and Middle East. She is a trained Bharatnatyam and kathak dancer, Capoeira and swimming enthusiast, obsessive crocheter and chocolate fanatic. With extensive background in crafting stories for brands and building identities in motion, Upasana brings the heart into the business of communication and creating experiences.

She is the founder of SWITCH! She is also a co-founder of HalfFry a monthly platform that brings creators from various fields to talk about their process and their passion.

saurav roy director mentor designer

Saurav Roy
A graduate of National Institute of Design, Saurav Roy has over 17 years of experience in branding & design programs. As design director for Idea Spice Design , he steered design programs and helped set up the India office. With extensive experience in working with retail centres, real estate and startups, he set up Roy Studio to focus on Business Design, Place Making and specialised design programs.

He is also the co-founder of Knot & Tuft , a design platform that brings designers together to create handmade carpets. He is also the co-founder of HalfFry, a monthly platform that brings creators from various fields to talk about their process and their passion.



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We work with ambitious brands, businesses and organisations to create powerful stories