Something from Nothing

The television years were some of the most productive, fun and explorative right after the student years.

The thirst to do more, make more. The utopian and optimistic approach gave way to stretching the limits to try to create something – always out of nothing.

Very often there was no footage, no logo and most often no information either.

these were the just-before-google years and information was only from the tapes we received or the email I got.

So here are a few examples of what was created for a top sports channel – in house. with zero budget.

Stand out 

Something that is familiar, but not, stands out from the clutter. In this case an animated cyclist isn’t something that a Sports Channel had ever witnessed. It was no where close to perfect and it was not high fi. But it made the football crazy, cricket guzzling audiences suddenly notice that a sport such as Tour De France existed – and some even tuned in – even if just out of curiosity. It also made my mostly-male adrenalin-pumped co producers notice that not all things sports need to be shiny, 3d, and fire.

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