Short Films


2d animation, Character animation, Motion Graphics


This short triggered a series based on the multiplicity of Indian design and performing arts.

It is an interactive series which showcases the various languages in India and the art forms in the regions. It is meant to act as a revival of these indigenous forms of expression which are being lost to uniformity which is an unfortunate by product of globalisation.

This series aims to address issues of identity juxtaposed with the concepts of development.

As you might imagine this is gargantuan task and will take all the time and resources we can muster. We will be putting out a call for crowd funding once we are in a more defined structure.

Currently this series in the development phase and the content and story is being defined.

film festivals

  • Special Mention – MIAF 2003, Melbourne/SIAF 2003, Sydney, Australia
  • Special Mention – New Zealand animation festival 2003
  • Anima Mundi 2003, Brazil
  • Finalist – Bradford Animation Festival 2003, United Kingdom
  • Media school 2003, Poland
  • Etiuda International Film Festival 2004, Poland
  • Special Mention – Animafest 2004, Zagreb