Makcik Force for Astro Warna


Broadcast, Motion Graphics


Astro Warna

This was so Fun! The brief was “Malaysian Kampung (village) style meets 80’s Sci-Fi Kitsch and 90’s Power Rangers”

Makcik Force Boleh! was an episodic brand film for Astro Warna, a popular comedy channel in Malaysia.
‘Makcik’ in Malay means Aunty and ‘Boleh!’ means Can!


Client Astro Warna, Malaysia.
Creators Rob Middleton & Indrajit Nattoji
Director Indrajit Nattoji
Creative Director Rob Middleton
Design & Animation Switch Studio
Production Double Vision, Malaysia
Executive Producer Irina Shahwa
Post Production KL Post/Double Vision
Editor Fong Fong
Sound Yang WK