We love to work with clients and collaborators who want to make a better world

We are a crafty lot. We love making things.

At Switch we create commercials, films, title design and everything that involves design in motion.

We are inspired by different forms of storytelling, music, visual and performing arts. We get really excited when we work on projects that can bring them together to create unique stories in unique styles.

Art of the title

Upasana is honoured to be considered in this list of devastatingly talented women from across the world. Read the article.

We hope that in India, Title Design is soon recognised as a specialisation instead of being scrambled together in post as an afterthought.


It feels so good to be loved!





Immersive Media

First immersive film on Indian music EVER – first of its kind and we are really really kicked about it!

We have visualised and produced the animation for the immersive film “Nadam” that is a permanent exhibit at the Indian Music Experience Centre in Bangalore. With this film we start our journey into immersive media, 360 degree film and VR.
Link to follow once the museum is officially open.

best movie promo

Promax BDA Awards

The promo for the movie Death and the Maiden won the Promax Arabia Gold. It was an arabic one liner script “Guilty until proven innocent.” What a film!

international film festivals


A marriage of music, art and performing arts to create a style that is uniquely Indian.


SXSW 2010 Excellence in Title Design

Titles for Aagey Se Right was a finalist alongside gems like Void, Tank Girl and Up in the Air.

Zombieland won it – loved the way they used type design in the film and the titles and it all held together almost like a in film branding project – wish there were more projects like that.


Animation Xpress

Animation Xpress came over for a little chat in the studio when we did the title design and animation for Amitabha Singh’s Shortcut Safari.


Psssst :  Animation Xpress is one of the leading online portals for Indian animation,VFX, Gaming and Comics

international film festivals


A debut short film that travelled the world.

Art of the title

We were very kicked to have been interviewed for our first title sequence ever. Title design for Aagey se Right, a feature film directed by Indrajit Nattoji. Read the interview and know about the fantastic work happening in the niche world of title design.


Art of the Title

upasana oona

Its really cool to be featured along with gods of design on the mother of title design curations.

international film festivals


An experiment in mixed media using live shots as one of the colours in the palette of 2d animation. This film was also projected along the subways in Berlin.


World News Network

And our name popped up here.


World Design Day 2015


It was an honour to be invited to speak at ADI on the occasion of World design Day 2015

We often collaborate with Idea Spice Design since we share the madness and the passion to take on challenges and deliver ‘funtastic’ ideas

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